Summer manicure almond 2022 - 100 photo ideas of stylish nail designs

To bring feminine notes to the image will help the creation of rounded nail art. A good solution is the almond summer manicure of 2022. Stylists offer a design that differs in colors, decorative elements, and the length of the plates.

Manicure ideas 2022 for almond nails

Nail service masters are guided by original ideas when creating a design. Fashionable manicure «almond» in the summer of 2022 is represented by trends:

  1. The nude color scheme remains out of competition. Flashiness is given with the help of large rhinestones laid out at the base of the plate.
  2. Zoning is welcome, expressed in the division of the nail into two halves: in longitudinal or transverse directions. The demarcation area is indicated by a foil strip. One part of the plate is filled with clear varnish, creating a negative space. Another area is painted over with colored varnish and decorated with potal.
  3. Certain areas can be highlighted with a marble design that has a deep emerald hue.
  4. Openwork ornaments made on a plant theme look interesting.
  5. An elegant summer almond manicure in 2022 is obtained using a cobweb decorated with small sparkles.

manicure ideas 2022 for almond nailsfashionable almond manicure in the summer of 2022summer manicure for almond nails

Manicure «almond» 2022 for long nails

An extensive area of ​​​​nail plates is suitable for creating original nail art. Manicure for long almond nails is represented by ideas:

  1. Reflective design is on trend. The polish looks like glitter in the daytime and shimmers brightly under artificial lighting. It is allowed to alternate with a cat-eye coating applied to several fingers.
  2. Out of competition remains a jacket, made in delicate shades. To fill the “smile”, lavender, pale pink, light blue varnishes are taken.
  3. Summer matte manicure «almond» 2022 looks noble, complemented by prints applied using the stamping technique.

almond manicure 2022 for long nailsmanicure for long almond nailsalmond manicure for summer

Manicure for a short «almond»

Neat plates give bright or delicate notes. The result is an almond manicure for short nails, represented by trends:

  1. The shiny structure created with the help of a glossy coating or rubbing looks harmonious. Several fingers are highlighted with foil hearts.
  2. It is allowed to accentuate one nail with the help of large multi-colored kamifubuki. An alternative solution is to cover the plate with gold leaf.
  3. Floral ornaments traced in thin lines look organic. It is allowed to create an abstract print in the form of chaotic spots or a pattern imitating the colors of a leopard.

short almond manicurealmond manicure for short nailsalmond manicure

Multi-colored manicure «almond»

Saturated shades give nail art originality. The confirmation is the summer manicure for the almond shape of 2022, created in rich colors:

  1. A popular technique is coloring the “smile” when creating a jacket with multi-colored shades. The base is nude or transparent. Another variation is the design of both the background and the tip with the help of catchy shades.
  2. Bright coatings are used to create a geometric or abstract design. Figures, stripes, spots are filled with saturated tones.
  3. A rainbow summer manicure for almond-shaped nails, made using gradient transitions, is welcome.

multi-colored almond manicuresummer manicure on almond shape 2022beautiful almond shaped manicure

Bright manicure «almond» 2022

Nail art, created with the help of rich colors, will harmoniously fit into the summer look. Confirmation is a bright manicure on the almond shape:

  1. A simple technique is to draw sinuous stripes on a light pink background. To create details, aquamarine, lilac, crimson shades are taken.
  2. Potal is proposed to be applied to the nails not only in the traditional golden or silver tone, but also in bright color shades. Against the nude background, orange, berry, yellow, light green spots stand out advantageously. Brightness is emphasized by coloring the «smile».
  3. A catchy shade is suitable for creating a gradient effect in which a juicy tone flows into a neutral or other saturated color.
  4. A simple technique is the embodiment of a monochrome design in a rich tone. One finger is allowed to be accented with rhinestones that differ in shape.

bright almond manicure 2022bright manicure on almond shapebright summer manicure on almond shape

Milk manicure «almond»

Lovers of romantic bows will appreciate the coatings presented in a certain key. This is an almond-shaped manicure, made in milky shades:

  1. A popular solution is to create an ombre, in which the main tone crosses into white or beige.
  2. A milky shade is allowed to be used as a background. The base is complemented by a contrasting black or neutral white «smile». Another solution is to emphasize one of the fingers with geometric shapes drawn with contour lines.

milk manicure almondsalmond shape manicuredelicate almond manicure design

Nude manicure «almond» 2022

Certain shades are recognized as universal. This is a nude manicure «almond»:

  1. The coating is taken in a glossy or matte finish. Alternation of varnishes on adjacent fingers is allowed.
  2. Emphasizing one strip is carried out by drawing a delicate floral ornament, a strip filled with small sparkles.
  3. It is allowed to give brightness to the nude by performing the original interpretation of the jacket. The «smile» area is painted over with a bright shade.
  4. Alternation with negative space is welcome, which fills the middle of the plate with the help of winding lines.

nude manicure almond 2022

French manicure 2022 on «almond»

Classic design is proposed to be done in original or traditional interpretations. French manicure for «almond» is represented by trends:

  1. The “smile” is filled with a white or bright shade, contrasting with a nude or flashy background. The tip is allowed to be designed in an abstract, sinuous or contour design. In the latter case, the «smile» area is indicated by thin lines.
  2. The traditional design involves creating a narrow, rounded painted tip. A novelty is the design of a wide “smile”, affecting almost half of the nail plate.

nude manicure almondbeautiful almond shaped manicure

Matte manicure on almond shape

Noble coatings do not lose their relevance among fashionistas. Confirmation is the matte manicure «almond»:

  1. A simple trick is to cover the nails with a neutral or juicy shade. It is allowed to combine with marble nail art, used to fill individual plates or parts of the nail.
  2. On a matte background, eye-catching elements look advantageous. This is potal, rhinestones, a drawing depicting flames.

matte almond manicurematte manicure almondmanicure ideas 2022 for almond nails

Wedding manicure «almond»

Brides strive to embody a unique image and harmoniously complement the outfit. The gentle design of the almond manicure will help to cope with the task:

  1. On a white or nude background, the addition of golden or silver sparkles, potal looks harmoniously.
  2. A win-win solution is the creation of a white-nude traditional jacket, complemented by rhinestones.
  3. An alternative idea is a reverse French almond manicure for the summer, decorated with stones in the hole area.
  4. An interesting effect is obtained by decorating with pearls, laying out mica or velvety powder.

wedding manicure almonddelicate almond manicure designfashionable almond manicure in the summer of 2022

Manicure almond quail egg

A good solution is to create a spectacular, but easy-to-perform nail art. This is a beautiful almond-shaped manicure, known as the «quail egg»:

  1. The design technique consists in applying small contrasting dots. The background is either light or dark. It depicts a characteristic pattern in the opposite key.
  2. It is allowed to combine the pattern with the jacket, highlight the pattern of individual plates. Other nails are covered with plain varnish.

manicure almond quail eggbeautiful almond shaped manicuresummer manicure on almond shape 2022

Neon manicure «almond»

In hot weather, juicy shades become relevant. A bright summer manicure on an almond shape is recognized as a trend:

  1. To create a design, acid tones are selected: lemon, light green, orange, raspberry.
  2. The alternation of neon varnishes with silver leaf, original inscriptions is welcome.
  3. It is allowed to combine with negative space, against which a bright fruity or abstract pattern is depicted. Another solution is to zone the plate using geometry. Separate parts of the nail are covered with catchy varnishes.

neon manicure almondbright summer manicure on almond shapebright almond manicure 2022

Manicure «almond» with sparkles on the tips

Catchy decorative elements give luxury to nail art. Confirmation is the design of the manicure «almond» with sparkles:

  1. Details cover the tips of the plates, creating an original interpretation of the service jacket. There is both a clear filling of the “smile”, and a blurry one, embodying the stretching effect.
  2. For decoration, small details or large kamifubuki are taken.
  3. There is a laying out of the tip of the nail with double and clearly marked stripes.
  4. Sequins are presented in traditional golden or silver colors. There are also shiny multi-colored details that can be matched to the main background.

almond glitter manicurealmond glitter manicure designalmond manicure 2022 for long nails

Manicure almond marble

Imitation of natural stone on the nail plates has earned the recognition of fashionistas. Almond manicure is created in a marble version:

  1. The background is made in light or dark shades. Stone veins are created barely noticeable, close to the main color or clearly defined and contrasting.
  2. The addition of the pattern with small sparkles, woven into the overall structure, looks organic.
  3. There is an application of golden or silver sweat over a marble pattern.

manicure almond marblealmond manicuremanicure for long almond nails

Manicure gradient on «almond»

Smooth color transitions give originality to nail art. Ombre manicure on «almond» is created in a gradient design:

  1. A popular solution is the selection for design of shades that are similar in color spectrum. An example is the combination of orange and yellow, pink and lavender. Another trend is the creation of a nude transition that is barely noticeable.
  2. The gradient is applied to the entire surface of the plate or affects a specific area. An example of the latter is the filling of a strip or a geometric figure.
  3. The design looks interesting, in which the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe hole is made out in deep black, gradually turning into aquamarine and a pale blue hue.

multi-colored almond manicureombre manicure on almondsmanicure gradient on almonds

Manicure «geometry» on «almond»

Popularity among fashionistas has won the decoration of nail plates with figures. Manicure «minimalism» on «almonds» is created in a geometric version:

  1. A simple trick is to draw clear lines denoting shapes. Separate areas are left unfilled transparent or painted in a certain tone.
  2. Creation of geometry using winding lines is allowed. The design can be combined with a marble pattern or a quail egg pattern.
  3. The geometry is suitable for plate zoning. Separate areas are painted with contrasting varnishes. It is allowed to combine with the inscription applied to one of the figures.

manicure geometry on almondsmanicure minimalism on almondssummer manicure for almond nails

Manicure «almond» on the sea

On the eve of the beach season, nail art made in blue shades becomes relevant. The result is a marine manicure «almond»:

  1. A simple solution is to fill the plates with light blue varnish and decorate with gold foil.
  2. Marble nail art looks organic, made with a pale blue background and white streaks of stone.
  3. There is an imitation of the sky with snow-white clouds drawn on a blue background.
  4. The velvety powder is associated with sand and helps bring the beach design to life. On one of the fingers, a depressed footprint is depicted.
  5. Blue tonality is suitable for depicting sea waves. There is a combination with a golden anchor depicted on a blue background.
  6. It is allowed to apply a volumetric decor in the form of a shell on a blue base.

almond manicure by the seasea ​​manicure almond

Gothic manicure «almond»

Lovers of originality will appreciate nail art made in a certain style. This is a dark almond manicure associated with Gothic:

  1. The plate is filled with a glossy or matte black varnish. Accentuation of several fingers is carried out with the help of a golden decor. An alternative solution is to cover the nail with a marble pattern.
  2. On a matte black background, it is allowed to depict a voluminous shiny snake, made in a similar tone.

almond manicure for summergothic manicure almonddark almond manicure

Lavender manicure «almond»

A certain color palette has become the trend of the season. This is a lavender manicure with an almond design:

  1. To implement the idea, a color scheme is selected, ranging from delicate lilac to rich purple.
  2. The main background can be supplemented with an image of small lavender flowers, a marble pattern, a heart covered with silver sparkles.
  3. Decoration with rhinestones, kamifubuka, mica looks organic.
  4. Naturalism will give the image of large violet petals, made in a translucent version using the watercolor technique.

lavender manicure with almond designlavender manicure almond

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