Pedicure for summer 2022 - from discreet neutral shades to bright and juicy designs

Well-made nail art will provide an opportunity to create a harmonious bow. Not only a manicure, but also a pedicure for the summer of 2022 will help to cope with the task. The design is created in a discreet monochrome version or played up with the addition of original prints.

Latest pedicure fashion trends for summer 2022

Stylists are guided by original trends when creating nail art:

  1. Animalism does not lose its demand, expressed in the application of leopard spots or zebra stripes on a large nail plate. The rest of the fingers are made in monochrome and echo in tone with the pattern.
  2. Emphasizing the thumb with large sequins is welcome. Details are made in the form of circles. There are kamifubuki made in the form of hearts, stars. Multi-colored elements are on top of each other, forming a single pattern.
  3. A simple but effective solution is a rub-in coating, which is offered in a pearl shade or dark purple.
  4. Fruit themes, the image of large butterfly or dragonfly wings remain trendy. The pattern is decorated with transparent or multi-colored rhinestones.

latest pedicure fashion trends for summer 2022new pedicure for the summerbeautiful color for a pedicure for the summer

New manicure and pedicure for summer 2022

A harmonious image includes well-chosen details. This is confirmed by nail art on the arms and legs, made in the same style:

  1. The seasonal palm theme is expressed in the drawing on the plates of a contour drawing depicting a tree. The background is a monochromatic coating or a gradient.
  2. Marble pedicure for the summer of 2022, expressed in the drawing of stone veins, can be applied on a certain area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe nail.
  3. Zoning is carried out using abstract winding lines.
  4. A snow-white rub applied to the fingers and toes will help to emphasize a beautiful tan.
  5. Juicy peach or raspberry shade is played up with rhinestones laid out at the base of the big toe. An eye-catching silver leaf is applied to the hands.

new manicure and pedicure summer 2022summer manicure and pedicureuniversal pedicure for the summer

Summer style pedicure

In the hot season, certain topics become relevant:

  1. A velvety rub will give a resemblance to sand on the beach. When choosing a shade, preference is given to beige or pink tones.
  2. The decoration of the thumb with a voluminous cartoon print looks interesting.
  3. Tenderness will be given by minimalistic floral or floral ornaments applied on a transparent base.
  4. With the help of ready-made elements, it will be possible to embody the image of a starfish, anchor, beach accessories.

summer style pedicuresummer pedicure ideasthe most beautiful pedicure for the summer

Neutral pedicure for summer

Nude tonality is recognized as universal among fashionistas:

  1. Refresh the discreet coating with a shiny structure in the form of a rub. Another option is to resort to glitter decoration with golden sequins in the texture of the varnish.
  2. An interesting interpretation of the jacket will be ethnic ornaments applied along the “smile”.
  3. Laying out a longitudinal strip with the help of large kamifubuks will add shine.
  4. The French pedicure for the summer of 2022, created in a traditional pastel-white tone, looks organic.
  5. With tenderness is associated a brilliant rub in a pale pink hue.

neutral pedicure for summergentle summer pedicurepedicure on feet for summer

Solid color pedicure for summer 2022

Certain shades will help you get nail art suitable for everyday wear or going to the office. This is a monochrome design:

  1. A win-win solution is to turn to the traditional black or white color scheme. It is allowed to cover the toes with contrasting light and dark varnishes.
  2. Refinement will give a graphite coating, complemented by a finishing layer of rubbing.
  3. Lacquers of scarlet or burgundy shades are associated with seductiveness.
  4. Blue or blue colors organically fit into the marine theme.

plain pedicure for summer 2022plain pedicure for summerbest pedicure color for summer

Bright pedicure for summer 2022

Saturated shades will make the design extraordinary:

  1. A simple solution is to alternate flashy varnishes on adjacent fingers. An example is the combination of yellow and pink.
  2. A bright jacket looks beautiful, in which the base is made in a coral tone, and the “smile” becomes snow-white.
  3. Brightness is given by the popular fruit theme, which is expressed in the drawing of large images in the section.
  4. A gradient will help to combine catchy shades on one plate. A combination of varnishes in warm tones is welcome: yellow and orange, red and crimson.

bright pedicure for summer 2022bright summer pedicure

French pedicure for summer

Traditional French design looks harmonious on the toes. A beautiful French pedicure for the summer is offered in solutions:

  1. Often only a large nail plate is used to color the “smile”. The tip is made in a traditional white or rich shade. The base is made transparent, nude, bright.
  2. Laying out a “smile” with small sparkles looks interesting. The rest of the fingers are made in the form of a jacket with a contrasting tip or painted with a plain varnish.
  3. The coating with a shiny rubbing looks spectacular.

summer pedicure colorFrench summer pedicurebeautiful pedicure for summer french

Sea pedicure for summer

The beach theme becomes trendy in the hot season. Confirmation is the pedicure options for the summer, containing marine patterns and shades:

  1. The application of coatings on the nails in a blue-blue tonality is welcome. Diversity will add decoration with aquamarine potal on a snow-white background.
  2. The image on the thumb of tropical palms, flamingos looks original. Laying out a golden anchor or a voluminous shell is popular.

beautiful bright pedicure for the summersea ​​pedicure for summersummer pedicure options

Multi-colored pedicure for the summer

Turning to rich shades will make nail art unique. The design is done with a combination of colors:

  1. A multi-colored design is easy to implement with an ombre. An example is the transition from orange to crimson.
  2. The gradient effect can be applied when creating a jacket. The «smile» area is made bright and painted over using color transitions.
  3. A popular technique is the zoning of the nail into separate sections in the form of strips. The colors of the rainbow are taken to color the elements.
  4. Saturated shades can be alternately applied to adjacent fingers. A large nail is decorated with large multi-colored kamifubuki.

bright summer pedicure designmulti-colored pedicure for the summerbeautiful pedicure for the summer for a woman

Business pedicure for the summer

For girls who spend a lot of time in the office, universal designs have been developed. A fashionable pedicure for the summer, made in a business style, will become a godsend:

  1. When choosing a coating, they turn to neutral shades. A good solution would be nude, burgundy, graphite, blue, lavender varnish.
  2. It is allowed to turn to a discreet decor in the form of a minimalist sweatshirt.
  3. The universal pedicure for the summer “quail egg” in the form of small black dots looks organically.
  4. Decorating with rhinestones laid out at the base of a large nail will bring fresh notes.

pedicure color for summer 2022business pedicure for the summertrendy summer pedicure

Pedicure for the summer with rhinestones

Decoration with stones does not lose its relevance among fashionistas. The best summer pedicure is created using rhinestones:

  1. The demarcation of a certain area with stones looks interesting. Small rhinestones are laid out on both sides of a longitudinally placed strip on the thumb. The middle of the part is filled with delicate openwork patterns.
  2. It is allowed to make a retro design by covering the plate with evenly applied stones. Rhinestones are associated with polka dots.
  3. A simple solution is to lay out stones of the same size at the base of the nail. It is allowed to accentuate the middle of the strip with a large rhinestone, which differs in shape.

best pedicure for summerpedicure for summer with rhinestones

Glitter pedicure for summer

Certain decorative elements will make nail art unique. A stylish pedicure for the summer is created with sparkles:

  1. A simple technique is to cover the fingers with varnish, in the structure of which small elements are built. There is glitter with golden or silver sparkles.
  2. Stretching has become a popular technique, consisting in the transition from elements concentrated in one area to another edge.
  3. Nail art, embodied with the help of large multi-colored sequins, looks interesting. Details cover the plate, creating a combination of multi-colored shades.
  4. It is allowed to completely cover the plates with glitter, embodying the design of a rough structure.

stylish summer pedicuretrendy pedicure colors for summer 2022summer pedicure with glitter

Pedicure color for summer 2022

A well-chosen tonality will make the design extraordinary:

  1. Sunny mood will help embody the yellow color. Combination with beige or mustard tone is allowed.
  2. Juicy colors are welcome, represented by coral, raspberry, orange, hue. A rich aquamarine tone is associated with the marine theme. The coating looks organic in combination with silver sparkles.
  3. A universal beautiful color for a pedicure for the summer is nude, white, light gray tone. Against such a background, minimalistic black drawings organically look. A popular solution is to turn to quail design.

trendy pedicure colors for summer 2022stylish summer pedicurepedicure color for summer 2022

Blue pedicure for summer

The marine theme is especially relevant in the hot season. It will help to match the trends of the blue color of the pedicure for the summer:

  1. A rich heavenly shade harmoniously looks like a self-sufficient coating. Freshness will give a shiny structure, which appears in the form of a glossy varnish or rubbing.
  2. With the help of a blue tint, a marine design in the form of waves or marble nail art with thin veins of stone is embodied.
  3. It is allowed to alternate with a velvety beige rubbing, associated with sand on the beach.

summer pedicure colorbest pedicure for summerblue pedicure for summer

Green pedicure for summer

Certain shades are associated with freshness. The color associated with greenery is in demand:

  1. Light green neon looks interesting, giving brightness to nail art. It is allowed to create a gradient effect using a combination with yellow.
  2. The green shade is suitable for the embodiment of floral ornaments. Large leaves of a palm tree or other trees are drawn on a white background.
  3. The combination with silver sequins covering one of the fingers looks harmonious.
  4. The green background can be combined with bright or delicate floral motifs. An example is the image of a red rose or a snow-white orchid.

bright summer pedicure designtrendy summer pedicuregreen pedicure for summer

Yellow pedicure for summer

Bright color will help to give a sunny mood:

  1. It is allowed to evenly cover the fingers with matte varnish. A large plate is made using a transparent base and a yellow «smile».
  2. Emphasis is welcomed by drawing multi-colored stripes on a white background. The design is used to decorate the thumb. The remaining plates are covered with yellow varnish.
  3. Shiny decorative elements are allowed. These are transparent or yellow rhinestones, laid out at the base of the nail, silver sparkles.
  4. Freshness will give the image of volumetric drops on a yellow surface.
  5. The thematic image of a sunflower drawn on the thumb looks original. Naturalistic drawing will give a detailed drawing of black seeds.

beautiful bright pedicure for the summerbeautiful pedicure for the summer for a womanyellow pedicure for summer

Mint pedicure for the summer

Pastel shades bring a touch of tenderness to the image. The best color for a pedicure for the summer, presented in mint tones, will help achieve the desired effect:

  1. The shade is suitable as a basis for small floral prints or geometry.
  2. It is allowed to emphasize the thumb with a bright image of a butterfly.
  3. The mint tone is in harmony with transparent rhinestones or silver leaf, sparkles.
  4. A gradient looks romantic when combined with pink, beige or blue varnish.

best pedicure color for summersummer pedicure optionsmint pedicure for summer

Orange pedicure design for summer

Juicy orange hue has become a trend in the hot season. Confirmation is the pedicure on the feet for the summer, presented in catchy solutions:

  1. A combination with both warm golden sparkles and cold silver is welcome.
  2. Orange color is suitable for the embodiment of the fruit theme. This is a cross-sectional image of an orange, complete with transparent drops.
  3. If you want to combine an orange tint with other bright tones, they turn to a combination with light green, yellow.
  4. The combination of drawings depicting a lemon and an orange in a section looks interesting. The combination of a rich yellow and orange hue gives saturation to the nail art.

pedicure on feet for summerbright summer pedicureorange pedicure design for summer

Raspberry pedicure for summer

In the warm season, juicy berry shades have become trendy. The most beautiful pedicure for the summer is created in raspberry tones:

  1. The eye-catching coating of a shiny glossy structure looks self-sufficient even in a single-color version.
  2. It is allowed to accentuate one finger by applying matte black varnish. The base of the nail is decorated with crimson rhinestones, echoing in tone with the rest of the plates.
  3. Thematic drawings are popular. These are clusters of raspberries depicted on a snow-white background. There is an alternation with drawings embodying cherry. Patterns are combined on one nail plate or applied to adjacent ones.

the most beautiful pedicure for the summerbright pedicure for summer 2022raspberry pedicure for summer

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