Pedicure 2022 - beautiful designs in different styles

With the help of nail art, it will be possible to bring completed notes to the image. Pedicure 2022 is presented with extraordinary ideas that fit into business, romantic, casual, evening bows. Nail art is designed in the same style with manicure or played out in a contrasting interpretation.

Latest pedicure trends 2022

Nail service masters adopt original solutions when choosing a design. Fashion design trends are represented by ideas:

  1. Animal print remains in trend, giving the image brightness. These are zebra stripes drawn on a snow-white background. Leopard spots are popular, made in a natural brown or neon unusual interpretation.
  2. The stripes of the tiger, filled with golden sparkles, applied on an orange background, look catchy.
  3. The berry design is played up with juicy cherry and raspberry shades. A large plate is allowed to be stolen with voluminous fruit patterns.
  4. Luxurious decoration with sparkles can be realized by dividing a large plate into two sections. One area is covered with small details, the second is painted over with coral varnish.
  5. If you want to bring a touch of sophistication to the image, they turn to creating a transparent strip placed on a bright scarlet background.
  6. An abstract accent is welcome. This is an uneven, winding wide strip filled with a marble pattern. The pattern is embodied in a bright neon tone.

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Fashionable pedicure design 2022

When creating nail art, stylists turn to both classics and new products:

  1. It is allowed to embody a naturalistic leopard print on a large plate. Similarity with natural motifs is achieved with the help of beige-brown colors, images of spots that differ in size.
  2. Delicate nude takes on fresh notes with the addition of golden leaf.
  3. If you want to embody a bright design, they turn to the rub, presented in rich shades: purple, raspberry, golden, metallic.
  4. There is an alternation on adjacent fingers of a large floral ornament and ethnic motifs.
  5. A popular technique — zoning, can be implemented by dividing the plate into two sections, one of which is filled with a foil strip.
  6. The trendy fruit theme is proposed to be realized in a three-dimensional version using the modeling technique.

trendy pedicure design 2022trendy pedicure designtrendy stylish pedicure

Fashionable manicure and pedicure 2022

The complete image is obtained by careful selection of all components. This is a carefully selected trendy manicure, pedicure:

  1. A win-win solution is to embody the traditional pastel white jacket on the arms and legs.
  2. Luxury in the design will add decoration with sparkles and rhinestones, placed when creating a manicure and pedicure.
  3. It is allowed to embody the design on the arms and legs, echoing in tone. Pale pink and coffee coating alternate on the fingers. A pair of nails is adorned with a cup of hot drink and coffee beans.
  4. Ethnic themes printed on the fingers and toes will not organically fit into the popular style.
  5. It is allowed to embody trendy marine nail art by painting nails with a blue and white stripe. Accentuation of the fingers is carried out using the image of the anchor and the steering wheel.

trendy manicure and pedicure 2022trendy manicure pedicurepedicure fashion trends

Fashion trends for nude pedicure 2022

Turning to gentle tonality is a win-win solution for creating universal nail art. The result is a nude trendy pedicure:

  1. The discreet beige-pink color can be beaten with the help of a topcoat with a shiny rub.
  2. On a nude background, black small dots look organically, embodying the “quail egg” pattern.
  3. A soft pink base harmoniously combines with a snow-white “smile” when creating a jacket.
  4. An addition in the form of a strip depicting an ethnic pattern is allowed.
  5. Delicate nude acquires brightness in the form of glitter with small, barely noticeable sparkles in the structure.

nude pedicure fashion trends 2022nude trendy pedicurepedicure fashion trends

Fashionable bright pedicure 2022

Lovers of creating eye-catching bows will appreciate nail art created in rich colors:

  1. It is allowed to cover the nails with a seductive scarlet varnish and draw an image of the girl’s face in the pop art style on a large plate.
  2. It is allowed to use shades that differ in tone on different legs. An example is the selection of burgundy and green varnish.
  3. Monochrome can be diluted with catchy prints that match in tone. An example is the coating of fingers in red and the decoration of a snow-white large plate with images of scarlet poppies.
  4. A simple but striking technique is an abstraction, embodied by drawing a catchy uneven strip filled with a light green-lemon gradient.
  5. There is an alternation of bright winding lines on one finger. The combination of orange, light green and yellow varnishes was recognized as successful.

fashionable bright pedicure 2022fashionable bright pedicurethe most fashionable pedicure

Fashionable French pedicure 2022

French classics remain invariably relevant:

  1. Both the traditional white-nude combination of shades and non-standard solutions are welcome. An example is the design of the base in a graphite tone.
  2. The black «smile» on a transparent background looks interesting. The thumb is covered with small dark rhinestones, acting as an accent.
  3. The brightness of the jacket is given by the design of the base in rich colors: burgundy, orange. «Smile» is made traditional snow-white.
  4. It is welcome to fill the tips with small sparkles that stand out on a nude basis. Details can be used as a line delimiting the «smile» and the background.

fashionable french pedicure 2022fashionable french pedicurebeautiful trendy pedicure

Fashionable pedicure 2022 with rhinestones

Decorating with stones is played up in interesting interpretations:

  1. Floral ornaments are popular, in which the core of the flower stands out with a bright stone.
  2. Decorating the base of the plate with rhinestones, selected in blue, golden tones, will organically fit into the marine design.
  3. It is allowed to emphasize one finger by completely filling it with small pebbles. The rest of the plates are made in monochrome.
  4. A popular technique is decorating with rhinestones the bright wings of a butterfly or dragonfly. In the first case, multi-colored stones are taken for decoration, in the second — transparent ones.

fashionable pedicure 2022 with rhinestonesfashionable pedicure with rhinestones

Fashionable pedicure 2022 with sparkles

Small bright details can make nail art unique. This is glitter decoration:

  1. Space motifs are associated with nails covered with shiny black lacquer, against which large kamifubuki in the form of stars and rhombuses are placed.
  2. The accentuation of several fingers is welcomed by completely filling with sparkles, contrasting with matte nails.

pedicure fashion trends 2022

Fashionable matte pedicure 2022

Noble coating does not lose its relevance among girls. This is a matte fashion pedicure:

  1. A trend trick is to dilute a discreet base with bright elements. The application of a shiny sweat combined with thin stripes is welcome.
  2. It is allowed to combine with negative space in the form of a wide unfilled line. The surface of the part is decorated with rhinestones laid out in a row.

trendy matte pedicure 2022

Trendy pedicure colors 2022

When choosing nail art, the tone of the varnish matters:

  1. Seductive red is offered in shades ranging from scarlet lacquer to subdued burgundy.
  2. The trend is lavender-violet colors, presented from pale to dark saturated shades.
  3. Marine design does not lose popularity, for the embodiment of which blue, aquamarine, dark blue, turquoise shades are intended.
  4. Warm colors are in demand, presented in yellow and orange tones.

trendy pedicure colors 2022

Trendy pink pedicure 2022

Delicate shades are a win-win option to embody a romantic bow:

  1. Monochrome pink nail art is played up with the help of decorating with transparent rhinestones, laid out in the form of a triangle at the base of the nail.
  2. The creation of a striped design is encouraged, in which the stripes vary from pale pink to crimson. An alternative solution is to resort to the implementation of a gradient effect with a smooth flow of colors into each other.
  3. The color is harmoniously combined with silver sequins and foil stripes in the same tone.
  4. It is allowed to apply a large floral ornament in a volume version on a large nail. These are rich rose petals or snow-white orchids.

trendy pink pedicure 2022the most fashionable pedicure 2022

Trendy yellow pedicure 2022

Warm sunny shades are in trend in the hot season. This is yellow nail art:

  1. The leading position is occupied by a fruit theme, presented in the form of a sliced ​​lemon, peeled or whole banana. The image adorns a large plate, the rest of the nails are covered with lemon or white varnish.
  2. Combination with other shades is allowed. A combination with pink, light green, orange varnish is recognized as successful.

trendy yellow pedicure 2022beautiful trendy pedicure

Fashionable pedicure 2022 «fuchsia»

Certain shades are recognized as a seasonal trend. This shade is fuchsia.

  1. The design is created by applying juicy varnish on the nails. The decoration of the thumb is carried out by laying out voluminous snow-white petaled orchids.
  2. A thematic design is welcome, expressed in the image of large violet petals.
  3. Ombre looks organic, in which the color of fuchsia is combined with a raspberry tint.

fashionable pedicure 2022 fuchsiathe most fashionable pedicure

Fashionable white pedicure 2022

Light shades emphasize a beautiful tan. This is a white trendy pedicure:

  1. Nail art organically looks in monochrome, created by applying glossy or matte varnishes, shiny rubbing.
  2. Alternation with silvery sequins covering several fingers is allowed.
  3. It is allowed to depict a lace pattern on a large plate in similar tonalities.

trendy white pedicure 2022white trendy pedicure

Trendy green pedicure 2022

Juicy shades will give the nail art a touch of freshness. Designs are shown in green:

  1. Actual animal prints can be embodied in neon tonality. An example is zebra stripes, drawn with black and light green varnish.
  2. The trend is floral prints, expressed in the image of branches with leaves or tropical themes in the form of palm trees.
  3. The image of cartoon prints in the form of an avocado in a section will add originality.

trendy green pedicure 2022

Fashionable burgundy pedicure 2022

Seductive nail art is proposed to be done in a muted variation. These are the fashion trends of pedicure in burgundy tonality:

  1. The shade looks organic in a glossy finish. The addition of transparent rhinestones, negative space in the hole area is welcome.
  2. It is allowed to embody a berry design, expressed in the application of clusters of fruits on a large plate. These are monophonic with a cherry base or raspberries that stand out against the general background.

trendy burgundy pedicure 2022pedicure fashion trends

Fashionable blue pedicure 2022

The popular marine nail art is played up in the appropriate tone. This is a fashionable stylish pedicure in blue:

  1. To embody the design, varnishes ranging from light blue to turquoise and aquamarine are suitable.
  2. The cold palette is harmoniously combined with silver sequins. Details are allowed to be applied on a separately created area on the nail. The demarcation area is indicated by a transparent strip.
  3. On a blue or turquoise background, a themed marine design looks organic. This is a voluminous shell, anchor, wave crests.

trendy blue pedicure 2022trendy stylish pedicure

Fashionable mint pedicure 2022

Pastel tonality gives tenderness to nail art. Designs are offered in mint variation:

  1. It is allowed to create a monochrome nail art or an ombre video design combined with snow-white varnish.
  2. The mint color is advantageously played up by applying a finishing layer of rubbing, which adds shine.
  3. Decorating the mint base with vegetable green prints is welcome. An alternative solution is to embody a geometric pattern created with the help of intersecting shapes. Details are filled with white, mint, green, blue varnish.

trendy mint pedicure 2022trendy pedicure colors

Stylish fashion novelties of red pedicure design 2022

Seductive color does not lose its relevance:

  1. Juicy shade looks self-sufficient in monochrome. A combination with a manicure created in a similar style is welcome.
  2. To give additional luxury is allowed by decorating with small or large rhinestones, sparkles. Details are laid out in the form of geometric shapes or completely fill one or two plates.
  3. A strip lined with transparent rhinestones, a figure in the form of a triangle filled with stones, will organically fit into the design.
  4. Romanticism is associated with the image of a scarlet heart, painted with varnish, lined with small red stones or kamifubuki. Another option is to make the heart completely transparent and place scarlet rhinestones around it.

stylish fashion novelties of red pedicure design 2022trendy red pedicure

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