Manicure trends, summer 2021 - 76 ideas for beautiful bright nails

Any girl wants to make a memorable and beautiful nail art. A well-chosen design will complement the image and make it complete. At the same time, it is worth considering manicure trends for the summer of 2021, which are presented in extreme variety.

New Manicure Designs for Summer 2021

Stylists bring to the attention of fashionistas a trendy manicure for the summer of 2021. This is the time when it is allowed to move away from the usual design options and try something new, bright. The following trends are of interest:

  • delicate nude design, which is complemented by a beautiful pattern in a minimalist style, geometric prints. Sequins, foil, pebbles used as decorative elements are popular;
  • bright design. It is allowed to combine shades without fear of experimentation. Supplementing nail art is allowed with drawings, rhinestones. The combination of two bright colors at once looks interesting;
  • manicure trends for summer 2021 with drawings. Floral, plant motifs, ethnic ornaments, animal prints, female silhouettes are relevant;
  • geometric nail art. Geometric shapes in contrast are acceptable. It is allowed to make patterns both on one nail and on several;
  • watercolor drops on nails. The drawing is created by hand with a brush, so you need to find a qualified master;
  • tropical motifs that are combined with bright colors or ombre;
  • «negative space», which looks stylish and original. Patterns are created both chaotic and thoughtful.
  • foam version, which is made using soap suds applied to the coating;
  • «quail egg». An interesting and cute design that girls love.

new manicure design summer 2021trendy manicure summer 2021

Manicure for tanned hands for the summer

The attention of girls deserves a manicure in the summer for swarthy hands. It is better to opt for pastel or light colors. If you want something bold and daring, you can opt for acid or neon shades. Popular options are:

  • French A legendary classic that will always be relevant. It is allowed to add glitter or bright colors if you want an unusual performance;
  • multi-colored manicure trends for the summer of 2021. A good choice for girls who want to stand out. It is allowed to alternate shades through the finger;
  • gradient. Helps to emphasize the beauty of the tan and hands in general. Fashionistas choose such designs: neon, pastel, from transparent to white;
  • white nail art. Lengthen and expand the nail plate, combined with dark skin;
  • pink nude. Great option for tanned skin. Looks spectacular in combination with foil;
  • mint nail art. Visually lengthens the fingers and accentuates the tan.

summer manicure for tanned handssummer manicure for dark hands

Manicure for short nails for the summer

Owners of shortened nail plates will look unsurpassed if they successfully pick up a beautiful manicure in the summer for short nails. Experts recommend paying attention to the following options:

  • in nautical style. Waves will look beautiful;
  • with a tropical pattern. Ideal for a seaside holiday. Drawings will look beautiful on white or peach varnish;
  • neon. To soften the flashiness, it is recommended to use foil;
  • marble. Looks amazing in white light;
  • with fruits and berries. Great for hot weather;
  • with silhouettes. Complemented with delicate flowers.

summer manicure for short nailsbeautiful summer manicure for short nails

Summer manicure for long nails

On elongated plates, it is easily possible to show scope for creativity and create the most beautiful manicure novelties for the summer of 2021. It is allowed to select a variety of options for patterns, decor or varnish colors:

  • rhinestone design. Like those who love restraint and tranquility. Suitable for business women;
  • «cat’s eye». Helps create interesting overflows. Looks incredible on long nails;
  • ombre. Ideal technique for long nails. It is permissible to try transitions of various shades;
  • drawings on the summer theme. Plants and marine life, velvety sand and images of anchors are relevant;
  • craquelure. The cracked coating looks extraordinary and mysterious. It is important to fix the base with a top so that the design lasts as long as possible;
  • multi-colored designs of long manicure for the summer, which will help to attract attention and stand out. It is allowed to choose a separate color for each nail;
  • foil. So that the design does not look pretentious, it is permissible to make the base neutral;
  • all kinds of jacket options — both in calm and bright colors — look invariably relevant.

summer manicure for long nailslong manicure designs for summer

Manicure almonds for the summer

A manicure for the summer on almond nails looks feminine and romantic, represented by all sorts of design variations:

  • bright design attracts attention and suits brave girls who are self-confident;
  • geometric nail art is ideal for emphasizing elongated almond-shaped nails;
  • with glitter. Does not lose relevance for a long time. A good option for those who want something interesting, but you can not overload the design with bright elements;
  • with kamifubuki. Large sequins will complement any varnish;
  • with stones and rhinestones, which are allowed to lay out different patterns for greater originality;
  • with a variety of drawings on the summer theme. These are plants, animals, silhouettes, inscriptions.

almond manicure for summersummer manicure on almond nails

Manicure for sharp nails for the summer

Bright and creative girls will like a manicure for a sharp shape for the summer, represented by such design variations:

  • jacket, which seems to be created for this form. It is allowed to supplement with sparkles, inscriptions and rhinestones;
  • matte design. Sharp nails in this design look noble and sophisticated;
  • with rhinestones. It is allowed to make even volumetric inlay and dilute it with empty space;
  • «cat’s eye», which looks fresh and spectacular;
  • with drawings. It is interesting to see different inscriptions on sharp nails, which come in combination with cartoon images.

manicure for sharp nails for the summermanicure for a sharp shape for the summer

Summer manicure square shape

Among fashionistas, well-founded recognition was won by the ideas of manicure for square nails in the summer. Choose from a wide range of designs.

  • striped. Relevant with exposure of contrasts — dark stripes on a light background and vice versa;
  • checkered. A good option for a square shape. For convenience, it is allowed to use special stickers, stencils or substrates;
  • triangular french. An interesting option, appropriate in different situations;
  • framework. The ideal solution would be to combine a pale pink base with a black rim of the frame;
  • two-layer lunar. An interesting option for those who are tired of the classics.

summer manicure square shapemanicure ideas for square nails in summer

Manicure «ballerina» — design for the summer

The shape of the ballerina nails is perfect for extended, narrow nails. Bright juicy shades, nudes are in fashion, with the help of which it is possible to embody all kinds of manicure ideas for the summer:

  • french and moon nail art. It is better to make accent “smiles” on such a form;
  • ombre in beige tones, which is a gentle and elegant option;
  • multi-colored, to create which it is allowed to combine different shades;
  • gentle nude, which is often supplemented with different inscriptions;
  • bright manicure «ballerina» for the summer. Neon tones are especially popular;
  • matte finish. It looks impressive, especially if you add a picture.

manicure ballerina design for summersummer ballerina manicure

Multi-colored manicure for the summer

When creating a manicure for the summer, acid colors are ideal for those who want bright and catchy:

  • it is allowed to combine two colors on one nail or cover each with different varnish separately in order to look as impressive as possible;
  • to complement the design, use sparkles or rhinestones, inscriptions. The main thing is not to overload the nail art with details.

multi-colored manicure for the summersummer manicure acid colors

Nude manicure for the summer

With the help of popular nude coatings, they embody a gentle manicure for the summer:

  • looks perfect on short or long nails and fits into a casual look. It is allowed to complement pastel colors with various decorative elements: these are small drawings, and rhinestones, and sparkles;
  • it is recommended to highlight only one nail with catchy decor so that the design looks organic.

summer nude manicuregentle manicure for the summer

French manicure for the summer

A real classic that has not gone out of fashion for a long time is both a gentle restrained and a bright French manicure for the summer:

  • it is allowed to perform nail art in a classic laconic design, making the “smile” line white;
  • An interesting solution would be to try to combine bright colors. This design looks interesting on sharp nails, when the “smile” line stands out in particular;
  • sequins or rhinestones are added to the jacket.

french manicure for summerbright French manicure for the summer

Manicure «geometry» for the summer

For lovers of originality, the “abstraction” manicure for the summer will be a godsend:

  • nail art with a geometric pattern remains in trend for a long time. Execution involves the use of strict straight lines with an outline of various shapes;
  • drawings can be allowed with other techniques — for example, with «negative space», matte finish, jacket.

The following designs are extremely popular:

  • checkered manicure;
  • drawing in the form of a square;
  • geometry in the form of a heart;
  • diagonal geometry;
  • space theme with straight lines;
  • abstract patterns.

manicure geometry for the summerabstract manicure for summer

Matte manicure for the summer

A beautiful manicure for the summer, made in a matte version, looks noble and feminine:

  • nail art is suitable for women working in the office, where there are strict requirements for the dress code. You can choose any colors, depending on your own preferences;
  • to diversify the design and make it boring, it is recommended to use the addition of drawings or rhinestones;
  • to refresh the image will help the partial use of rubbing or gloss, which are combined with a matte finish.

matte manicure for summerbeautiful summer manicure

Manicure gradient for summer

Ombre manicure for the summer looks beautiful and original:

  • nail art is an ideal choice in the hot season, if you choose a varnish of bright and rich colors;
  • in the office it would be ideal to make a design with a gradient in pastel shades;
  • Ombre looks great on both short and long nails. It is allowed to supplement this option with modeling or cobwebs, stamping or painting options.

manicure gradient for summerombre manicure for summer

Neon manicure for the summer

Using bright neon finishes is an excellent idea to create a trendy summer manicure:

  • for the embodiment of nail art, varnishes are used that seem to glow in the dark or under certain lighting;
  • to complement the design, it is allowed to use sparkles or rhinestones, drawings. Vegetable prints are popular;
  • neon polish is great for depicting bright fruits, such as a cutaway watermelon.

neon manicure for summertrendy summer manicure

Manicure for the summer with sparkles

A unique image will organically complement a beautiful bright manicure for the summer, made using sparkles:

  • it is allowed to use both ordinary glitter and kamifubuki, which are made in different sizes and shapes (stars, hearts, circles, triangles);
  • there are no restrictions on the use of this decor element. Interesting shine looks on a calm coating, adding variety;
  • Stretching with sparkles is a popular technique that acts as a kind of jacket. Details are concentrated in one specific area (at the base of the nail or at the tip) and gradually decrease in the opposite direction.

glitter manicure for summerbeautiful bright manicure for the summer

Manicure for the summer with fruits

A great mood will provide a manicure for the summer with a pattern depicting fruits:

  • it is allowed to make freehand drawings or buy special stickers or stencils that will make it easier to create an image;
  • best of all, the drawings look on bright and rich shades of varnish;
  • popular images: watermelon, kiwi, oranges, avocados which are depicted whole or in section. A voluminous drop will add piquancy, harmoniously fitting into the overall composition;
  • on a white or pastel background, a half-peeled banana will look great.

summer manicure with fruitsummer manicure with a pattern

Summer manicure with rhinestones

Rhinestones perfectly complement a stylish manicure for the summer:

  • it is allowed to lay out bizarre figures from pebbles;
  • if you do not want to spend a lot of time, it is allowed to purchase rhinestones in the form of stars, hearts. In this case, the design will look gentle;
  • traditional transparent rhinestones are laid out at the base of the nail, in the form of longitudinal or transverse stripes.

summer manicure with rhinestonesstylish summer manicure

Dark manicure for the summer

If you want rigor and calmness, the ideal solution would be a black manicure for the summer:

  • this design is relevant for girls who spend a lot of time in the office;
  • for more variety, it is allowed to add glitter to the nails or combine light and dark shades;
  • refreshing notes will give a brilliant rubbing applied over the base coat;
  • matte dark varnish will bring mystery and depth to the image. A great solution is to dilute it with a glossy coating applied to several nails, or with rhinestones laid out at the base of the plate.

dark manicure for summersummer manicure ideas

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