Manicure ideas for short nails - 100 photos with beautiful designs

Girls with neat shortened nails will be able to bring harmony to the image if they successfully pick up manicure ideas for short nails. They are presented in an extreme variety, so every fashionista can easily choose an option to her taste.

Manicure options for short nails

Stylists offer women all kinds of manicure for short nails:

  • a win-win solution — a nude that will not overload nail art and is suitable for any occasion;
  • it is allowed to embellish the design by using drawings. Patterns can have a different thematic focus, but it is recommended to create them in a minimalistic design so as not to overload the image;
  • if you want to bring bright notes, manicure ideas for short nails, made with rich shades, which are taken in a single tone or combine several colors by applying an ombre, will be a godsend;
  • a simplified way to create a design is to use ready-made stickers that are applied to one or a pair of fingers.

manicure options for short nailstypes of manicure for short nailsmodern manicure for short nails

Short square manicure

Manicure for short square nails continues to be in demand among fashionistas of all ages:

  • the clarity of the form can be emphasized by applying geometric motifs — strips of different thicknesses, located clearly parallel to each other or in random order, or all kinds of shapes;
  • the ideas of a square manicure for short nails are welcome, embodied by painting the plates in different shades. The color scheme is selected in a similar tone or is made radically contrasting;
  • in the presence of a “soft square”, its sophistication can be emphasized by applying a brilliant rub on the nails.

short square manicuredaily manicure for short nails

Manicure for short round nails

In the presence of a rounded shape of the plates, a simple manicure for short nails, presented in various design variations, will be an excellent solution:

  • it is allowed to give the nails the appearance of pearls, if you use the appropriate rub;
  • a popular technique is negative space, where transparent areas alternate with zones painted in a certain color;
  • in the center of one of the plates, it is allowed to depict a delicate pattern, for example, it is a rose with blossoming petals, made in pastel colors;
  • the application of a minimum amount of sparkles concentrated in the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe tip of the nail or hole is welcome.

manicure for short round nailssimple manicure for short nailsbeautiful manicure for very short nails

Short almond manicure

The embodiment of sophistication and elegance will be almond manicure for short nails:

  • the sophistication of the form is emphasized by applying a pastel coating, presented in both glossy shiny and matte versions;
  • one or a pair of nails can be made accent, completely covering them with glitter;
  • another popular technique is the image of a restrained pattern, drawn with contrasting varnish and thin lines. For example, this is a heart, for the embodiment of which only contours are used, and the central part remains blank.

short almond manicurealmond manicure for short nailsstylish manicure for short nails

Manicure for short oval nails

The manicure on a short oval looks incredibly elegant:

  • nude, pastel, transparent coatings are often taken as the basis. Against such a background, an imitation of lace traced with thin golden or silver lines looks harmonious;
  • the image of a thin twig with delicate leaves will emphasize the grace of marigolds;
  • it is allowed to bring variety by painting nails in different shades. The color scheme is used discreet muted or bright.

manicure for short oval nailsshort oval manicuregentle manicure for short

Manicure for short nails «autumn»

With the onset of the first cold weather, manicure for short nails becomes relevant, the autumn design of which is offered in various variations:

  • colors are welcome that add depth to the image, for example, burgundy or chocolate tone. One of the fingers is allowed to be accentuated by depicting a seductive leopard print on it;
  • thematic drawings remain out of competition — images of autumn leaves, for which yellow, orange, red tones are used. It is allowed to apply the pattern on a transparent or nude background, and paint over the rest of the fingers in a shade that echoes the leaves;
  • restrained tones, often prevailing in autumn nail art, will sparkle with new colors if a brilliant rub is applied over the main coating.

manicure for short nails autumnmanicure for short nails autumn designtrendy manicure for short nails

Winter manicure for short nails

A short winter manicure looks incredibly interesting:

  • in the cold season, you often want to bring light notes to the image. The idea can be fully realized if we take as a basis the coating of white and light blue tones. Such shades fully correspond to the theme of the winter season;
  • nail art is made monophonic, using several shades, alternately applied to different fingers, by highlighting several nail plates with glitter;
  • images of thematic drawings look unique — deer, Christmas decorations, snowmen. In order not to overload the image, the pattern is applied on any one finger.

winter manicure for short nailsshort manicure winterdaily manicure for short nails

Spring manicure for short nails

A rainbow mood is able to bring a manicure on short nails «spring»:

  • the use of delicate light shades and juicy, rich coatings is welcome. The latter option looks self-sufficient even in a single-color version;
  • thematic focus is on drawings depicting thin branches of greenery, flowers with half-blown buds;
  • originality will be given by short inscriptions consisting of several letters that can fit on a shortened nail plate. An alternative solution is to stretch the inscription over several fingers.

spring manicure for short nailsmanicure for short nails spring

Summer manicure for short nails

Fully corresponds to the mood characteristic of the hot season, a bright summer manicure for short nails:

  • an easy way is to make nail art in one tone, which is selected in a catchy and rich version;
  • the modern manicure for short nails imitating a rainbow looks original. Bright varnishes of different colors are applied alternately on different fingers or combined on one nail plate in the form of stripes or a blurry ombre effect;
  • An excellent solution is a cross-sectional image of fruits, for example, kiwi, orange, watermelon. A voluminous drop will add piquancy. An important point — the drawing is applied to only one finger;
  • sophistication will give the image of the wings of a butterfly, which can be stretched over two marigolds located in the neighborhood. Small stones are used as decor;
  • the beach theme is widespread, embodied with the help of the image of an anchor, a curly shell on a pale blue background. The pattern is drawn or created voluminous.

summer manicure for short nailsmanicure options for short nails

Monochromatic manicure for short nails

A simple, but extremely popular way is to make an everyday manicure on short nails, made in a plain version:

  • to implement the idea, delicate pastels, muted dark varnishes, rich colors are taken;
  • both glossy and matte varnishes are allowed. To make the design boring, it is allowed to apply a rubbing on top of the main coating, which gives shine;
  • it is allowed to use a similar tone, when the difference in shades applied to different fingers is barely perceptible. The reception will bring piquant notes to the image.

plain manicure for short nails

Bright manicure for short nails

Lovers of brightness and bold experiments will appreciate the manicure for short nails in different colors:

  • alternation of shades is applied on separate fingers or combined on one plate. In the latter case, multi-colored coatings are applied in the form of stripes, rhombuses, squares, chaotic stains;
  • bright varnishes are often used to apply appropriate motifs: juicy fruits, flower petals, butterfly wings;
  • the seductive leopard print can be depicted not only in natural tones, but also in bright non-standard colors. The popular drawing will acquire fresh notes and will look completely new.

bright manicure for short nailsmanicure for short nails in different colorsunusual manicure for short nails

Matte manicure for short nails

A fashionable manicure for short nails, applied in a matte version, looks elegant and noble:

  • lovers of minimalism can limit themselves to simply using a matte finish without adding any decor;
  • against a matte background, all kinds of shiny details look advantageous. These are kamifubuki in the form of hearts, applied to the fingers in a single version, chaotic divorces of golden or silver foil;
  • another popular trend is the application of clear strips of foil, which serve as a bright, memorable accent;
  • Rubbing applied on several fingers will help to dilute the haze.

matte manicure for short nailstrendy manicure for short nailsshort square manicure

Nude manicure for short nails

Out of competition for many seasons in a row continues to be a gentle manicure for short nails, made in nude tones:

  • it is allowed to choose one shade of nude or use a varied beige-pink palette. In the latter case, the gradient effect looks unsurpassed;
  • against a nude background, the petals of a delicate dusted rose look advantageous;
  • to dilute a calm palette will help the addition of rhinestones, which are concentrated in the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe hole or laid out in the form of a longitudinal strip running along the entire plate.

Nude manicure for short nailsgentle manicure for short

French manicure for short nails

A win-win universal option is a classic manicure for short nails, made in the form of a jacket:

  • not influenced by fashion design with a transparent or nude base and coloring the tip in white;
  • a non-standard idea is to apply a double “smile” created in contrasting shades. An example is the combination of white and black. In one side part, it is allowed to apply an addition in the form of an elegant flower or twig;
  • bright summer notes will be brought by painting the “smile” in bright colors, while the traditional rounded or triangular shape is chosen.

french manicure for short nailsclassic manicure for short nailsmanicure for short square nails

Wedding manicure for short nails

A wedding manicure for the bride on short nails will serve as a harmonious addition to the festive look:

  • a popular solution is to make a delicate jacket, decorated in a classic white and pastel tone;
  • the addition of golden or silver details is welcome, this is laying out strips with sparkles, applying foil;
  • rhinestones will make the image unique. They are located in the area of ​​the hole or in the center of the plate;
  • the image of a golden heart applied to one of the fingers looks interesting.

wedding manicure for short nailsbridal manicure for short nailsmanicure for short round nails

Glitter manicure for short nails

With the help of shiny details, an unusual manicure for short nails is created:

  • a simple trick is to completely cover several plates with small sparkles, and paint over the rest with plain varnish;
  • a brilliant manicure for short nails, made with the help of stretching, is popular. In this case, the details are concentrated at the base or tip of the nail and gradually decrease towards the opposite edge;
  • stripes and even openwork patterns or curls are often laid out with small sparkles.

glitter manicure for short nailsunusual manicure for short nailsglitter manicure for short nails

Manicure for short nails «cat’s eye»

The embodiment of sophistication will serve as a stylish manicure for short nails, known as the «cat’s eye»:

  • a unique iridescent effect is created using a special coating, which is often presented in dark shades that add depth and mystery. Bordeaux, emerald, aquamarine color are popular;
  • there are also light coatings, ideal for short nails;
  • it is allowed to use a combination with a matte varnish, which is applied to several fingers.

cat eye manicure for short nailsstylish manicure for short nailsbeautiful manicure for very short nails

Ombre manicure for short nails

The “gradient” manicure for short nails remains invariably popular among fashionistas:

  • for decoration, shades are often taken, selected in a similar tone. In this case, the transition will come out as smooth and unobtrusive as possible;
  • for the summer, a combination of two bright coatings that give the nails a rainbow effect will be a godsend;
  • one of the plates is allowed to be laid out with rhinestones that match in color with one of the tones used for the gradient.

ombre manicure for short nailsgradient manicure for short nailsmanicure for short nails in different colors

Manicure for short nails with stickers

A simplified way to create a beautiful manicure for very short nails is to use stickers:

  • elements contain ready-made images embodying a specific theme — floral, abstract, animalistic, cartoon, pop art style with drawings of faces and cosmetics;
  • stickers with delicate muted floral motifs are allowed to be applied on all fingers. When using catchy, attention-grabbing patterns, it is advisable to place them on only one plate;
  • there are options with ready-made inscriptions that fashionistas who want to be creative will appreciate.

manicure for short nails with stickersmodern manicure for short nails

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