Manicure for short oval nails - more than 100 ideas for perfect nail art

Manicure for short oval nails is extremely popular among fashionistas due to accuracy, versatility and beauty. There are many design options, so that every girl will be able to find the right kind of stylish nail art.

Manicure ideas for short oval nails

The manicure on short oval nails looks as natural and harmonious as possible. Stylists show their imagination to the fullest when choosing a design. It is worth considering such interesting ideas.

  • with plant motifs: branches, flowers, leaves;
  • ombre with a color gradient or sparkles;
  • with shiny accents: sequins, foil, rhinestones and so on;
  • with abstract motifs in different shades;
  • with various inscriptions;
  • geometric motifs: stripes, intersecting shapes;
  • marble manicure on an oval shape;
  • classic or color jacket;
  • with drawings of berries or fruits;
  • with a color accent on one or two nails.

manicure ideas for short oval nailsoval shaped manicureshort oval manicure

Gentle French manicure on oval nails

An excellent solution is a gentle manicure for short oval-shaped nails, which is made in the form of a jacket:

  • instead of the classic white and pink shades, it is allowed to try a variety of options for delicate tones;
  • if desired, it is allowed to make a smile of an unusual shape, add a sparkle. So the usual French manicure for short oval nails will acquire original notes;
  • to make a small accent, it is advisable to create a pattern on the nail plate — and it is better only on one finger;
  • geometric motifs are used infrequently, and they are more suitable for strict ladies. It is better to opt for abstraction.

french manicure for oval nails gentlegentle manicure for short oval nailsbeautiful manicure for oval nails

Nude manicure for short oval nails

Nude manicure for short oval nails is great for women of any age and profession. Stylists advise to apply such interesting ideas.

  • nude combined with rubbing. It looks appropriate both in a business style, if the emphasis is on one nail, and in an informal one. In the latter case, it is allowed to use the rub on several nails at once;
  • Nude with a variety of patterns that help diversify the nude manicure on short oval nails, add bright notes. Prints can be applied on one nail or on all fingers. Both ready-made stickers and stencil drawings are allowed;
  • matte nude looks interesting and strict, suitable for girls working in the office;
  • it is allowed to add nudes with sparkles or rhinestones to make nail art look even more attractive.

nude manicure for short oval nailsNude manicure for short oval nailsmanicure for oval nails

Bright manicure for short oval nails

If you want something catchy, you should pay attention to a bright manicure on oval nails:

  • it is allowed to choose any design you like, but neon colors, images of berries and fruits, abstract motifs are considered especially relevant;
  • it is recommended to pay attention to the technique of gradient acid shades. This is a bold design option that is ideal for girls who like to stand out from the crowd;
  • in fashion and style «different hands». However, when creating a bright manicure for short oval nails, it is important to choose the right shades that will harmoniously combine with each other and cheer you up.

bright manicure for short oval nailsbright manicure on oval nailsmanicure for short oval nails

French manicure for oval nails

French manicure on oval nails looks elegant and beautiful:

  • it is a classic that remains relevant for a long period of time. This design is especially appropriate in an office style;
  • There are many options for French, so anyone can find a suitable option for themselves. Suitable as a classic, and a combination of bright colors;
  • the smile line is allowed to be done in a neon shade if you want to stand out. It is allowed to decorate it with drawings: geometric shapes, stripes. To complete the design, it is better to use sparkles or rhinestones.

french manicure for oval nailsmanicure for oval nailsbeautiful manicure for short oval nails

Office manicure for oval nails

Many offices have a dress code that must be followed. An elegant manicure on oval nails will come to the rescue:

  • popular are designs in which one way or another there is a theme of plants. It is easy to pick up a calm shade of the main varnish for prints of such a plan;
  • it is allowed to resort to familiar classic techniques: French, ombre, moon design. For additions, classic minimalist motifs, negative spaces are used;
  • pastel and flesh tones, beige, cream, powdery, white or black will be appropriate for the office. Sequins and rhinestones will fit into the finished design.

office manicure for oval nailselegant manicure for oval nailsmanicure design for short oval nails

Manicure with stripes on oval nails

Stripes invariably remain popular and harmoniously complement the oval manicure:

  • laconic drawing fits into any design. It is allowed not to limit your fantasies, since the stripes go well with geometric motifs, negative space, minimalism and a jacket;
  • it is allowed to add stripes to the moon manicure, add pebbles, sparkles and other decor options;
  • contrasting and bold combinations of shades of varnish with stripes help to achieve the effect of color block, which draws attention to the nails;
  • Stripes look appropriate in office nail art, as the design turns out to be restrained and strict.

manicure with stripes on oval nailsmanicure ovaloval manicure

Manicure for oval nails with glitter

A manicure on an oval shape with sparkles looks festive and elegant:

  • when implementing an idea, it is necessary to observe the measure so that the design does not look vulgar. Especially popular is glitter, which is large in size, and therefore will be noticeable from afar. Often, glitter is used to decorate a plain coating or jacket;
  • an easy way is to use varnishes that have already added glitter. Due to the small size of the parts, it is really possible to make gentle soft overflows. The finished nail art of such a plan of additions is no longer required;
  • if you want to make a manicure on a short oval for work or study, it is recommended to turn to minimalism, which looks concise and elegant;
  • the gradient can also be supplemented with sparkles: for example, highlight a hole or “throw” a scattering on several nails;
  • abstract drawings are suitable for girls who like fancy patterns. Fantasy is not limited, it is allowed to create any images, and then add some sparkles to them.

manicure for oval glitter nailsoval glitter manicure

Wedding manicure «oval»

Many brides prefer to create a wedding manicure on oval nails, as this shape fits perfectly into the image. The design should be approached with all responsibility so that the nail art blends seamlessly with the dress. It is recommended to try these options:

  • gentle French. However, if you want something bold, then a bright variety is also allowed;
  • the gradient looks interesting. It is allowed to choose any color that you like best, but preference should be given to delicate pastels;
  • rhinestones are appropriate in wedding design. It is better to take crystal pebbles that will shimmer beautifully. Rhinestones of different sizes look exquisite — from large to literally crumbs;
  • a beautiful manicure on oval nails in gentle colors is definitely worth doing for a wedding. Nail art can be supplemented with lace patterns;
  • if you want to be dazzling, it is allowed to make a completely mirror coating of a silvery shade.

gentle manicure for short oval nailswedding manicure ovalwedding manicure on oval nails

Ombre manicure for short oval nails

It looks beautiful not only on long, but also on short nails manicure gradient «oval»:

  • the main condition is to choose the right shades that are in harmony with each other. The option looks stylish, in which a horizontal difference in shades is made — from light to dark;
  • the vertical design is also good. It is allowed to combine both close tones and contrasting ones. The original version is a combination of a gradient with a jacket;
  • to add something new to the familiar ombre, you need to select complex designs. On one nail it is allowed, for example, to make an elegant pattern. Ideal to complement the nail art with rhinestones and sparkles.

manicure ideas for short oval nailsombre manicure for short oval nailsmanicure gradient oval

Manicure with rhinestones for short oval nails

Rhinestones will transform an oval manicure and make it bright and elegant:

  • with the help of pebbles, it will be possible to focus on one nail or emphasize the beauty of all plates at once;
  • both patterns of pebbles, matched to match the varnish, and randomly scattered rhinestones look beautiful.

bright manicure on oval nailsmanicure with rhinestones for short oval nails

Matte manicure «oval»

A good design option for the office or study is a matte manicure for short oval nails, which looks strict and concise:

  • it is allowed to choose any shade that you like best: both not too bright and calm, and catchy, flashy;
  • to complement the completed design, different options are used: pictures, stickers, all kinds of drawings;
  • if desired, it is allowed to add glitter: it is recommended to take glitter or rhinestones for this;
  • stones in the shape of hearts, stars or other unusual options will look beautiful.

matte manicure ovalmatte manicure for oval nails

Manicure on an oval shape with an unusual pattern

Manicure for short oval nails with a pattern will help to realize any fantasies:

  • it is allowed to put unusual plants or animals on the nails, to make bold inscriptions. The main thing is not to be afraid to experiment;
  • tropical motifs, arbitrary abstraction, pop art drawings containing images of faces, elements of women’s cosmetics are in trend.

manicure for short oval nails with a patternmanicure on an oval shape with a pattern unusual

Manicure for oval nails with foil

With the help of foil, it will come out to embody an interesting manicure design for short oval nails. Moreover, nail art is suitable not only for official events, but also for going to the office or to study. There are several options for the current design:

  • gentle. Helps create a very cute and sensual look. It is worth using pastel colors that are pleasant to the eye;
  • with drawings. Nail painting or stickers go well with foil;
  • with inscriptions. It is allowed to lay out a pattern with foil, and next to make a certain inscription;
  • with rainbow foil. A bright option that will appeal to lovers of original designs;
  • minimalism. If you don’t want to stand out too much, it is allowed to make foil patterns on only one nail of each hand.

manicure design for short oval nailsmanicure for oval nails with foil

Marble manicure on oval nails

The oval marble manicure looks interesting and original. It is worth considering popular design variations:

  • classic white design. Calm and balanced option, suitable for everyday wear;
  • dusty gray abstraction. Also suitable for everyday life, because it looks restrained;
  • pale pink matte glaze. Looks feminine and romantic;
  • moon marble. An aesthetic option that is recommended for lovers of originality;
  • rendered french. An interesting combination of marble and smile line, which is separated by a shiny sticker.

manicure oval marblemarble manicure on oval nailsbeautiful manicure for oval nails

Lunar manicure for oval nails

A good option for any girl is a beautiful manicure for short oval nails, made in the form of moon nail art:

  • when creating, the same recommendations are relevant as for a jacket: interesting combinations of shades, different textures and the desired use of decor;
  • the hole can be made completely “bare”, it would be nice to just separate it from the other part of the nail with a transparent strip;
  • it is allowed to combine a moon manicure with a jacket, highlighting both the hole and the smile with flowers. It is recommended to cover the entire plate with a transparent top coat.

beautiful manicure for short oval nailsmoon manicure on oval nails

Red manicure for oval nails

Justified popularity among fashionistas is enjoyed by red manicure for short oval nails:

  • nail art looks mysterious and at the same time incredibly impressive. The red finish is perfect for special occasions. Someone chooses a design for the office, which is also not bad if there is no strict decor and matte varnish is used;
  • to complement the red varnish, it is allowed to use sparkles and rhinestones;
  • showiness will be given by a brilliant rubbing applied on top of the main coating.

red manicure for short oval nailsred manicure for oval nails  oval manicure

Black manicure «short oval»

An ideal option for women who need to adhere to a strict style is a manicure for short oval-shaped nails, made in black:

  • the smile line or hole is allowed to be made white or contrasting;
  • a big plus of this color is that it looks good on its own, without additions. However, if desired, it is allowed to use rhinestones or inscriptions, other decorative elements;
  • the use of a black matte finish will add mystery and depth to the image.

elegant manicure for oval nailsblack manicure short ovalmanicure for short oval nails

Yellow manicure for oval nails

When you want brightness, a manicure for oval nails, presented in a yellow tint, will be a great solution:

  • in summer, sunny nail art will complement the atmosphere of warmth, and in winter it will cause pleasant nostalgia for relaxation;
  • drawings on a tropical or plant theme, all kinds of inscriptions are well combined with such a shade;
  • it is permissible to take as a basis a snow-white coating, on which to draw a half-peeled banana or lemon in a section. In the latter case, a large volumetric drop will serve as an organic addition.

manicure ovalyellow manicure for oval nailsmanicure for oval nails

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