It’s time to admit that our country is one of the few whose inhabitants wear clothes and shoes of a well-known brand not at all when they go in for sports, but, on the contrary, in everyday life. They also love the iconic three stripes so much that they paint them all over the place!

And we are not exaggerating at all, because this is not the first collection dedicated to the love of our “clear” compatriots for Adidas, and certainly not the last. So let’s take a look and cheer up!

1. If our person loves Adidas, then this is forever!


2. The logo of a German company looks symbolic here!


3. We hope the designers of the famous brand will not see this?


4. You can immediately see — a clear kid has arrived!

clear boy's car

5. Check out what we’ve created for those who love the Adidas lifestyle!


6. We hope he doesn’t have an inscription on his forehead?


7. The main thing is not to read the name of the «clone» out loud!

do not read

8. We even know what the landlord will be wearing — the iconic black tracksuit with three white stripes!


9. And here, probably, the boys meet to squat and eat seeds?


10. I wonder if someone will buy this sweatshirt?

who will buy

11. All over the world there is not so much advertising of this brand as we have!


12. If anything — these are boots!

felt boots

13. Abibas is bought when there is not enough money for Adidas!


14. Agree — well, cool right?

master in suit

15. Probably going to the gym?


16. Stopudovo original!

flip flops

17. Do you also think that it is better to release these car models immediately with such tuning so that buyers do not suffer?

auto industry

18. Surprised? So you have not yet seen a photo of how delightful Adidas is in Russia from our last selection!


19. A sports brand would be shocked!

love for adidas

20. That’s what it means — a stylish and clear door!

clear door

21. What? We can afford!

trash can

22. But we said that it is time for the domestic auto industry to be updated!

adidas lover

23. While you are thinking about the question “why?”, We invite you to look at 35 more photo jokes on this topic!


24. Unexpectedly!


25. Now you have definitely seen everything!

you have seen everything

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