In our country, you can often hear the phrase — a good show-off is more expensive than money. Yes, because too many divorced those who want to throw dust in the eyes of others — that is, to create an embellished impression of their prosperity and success. True, from the outside it looks ridiculous and ridiculous!

So, in our selection again there were braggarts who, well, really want to show that their life was a success. And let’s believe them, and at the same time laugh heartily?

1. Well, what can I say? It is strange that a halo has not yet appeared above his head!


2. Surprisingly, and how is it without a personal vehicle and a personal driver?

two phones

3. Yes, this is not a photo, but just a classic of the genre!

classics of the genre

4. Probably, so that wealth is reliably protected!

guard wealth

5. A good example of when show-offs are more valuable than money!

show off again

6. We hope that this chain does not press or press him anywhere?


7. Alas, there was no longer enough money for a manicure …


8. What? We can afford!


9. Agree, it looks almost the same as a gold tooth in your mouth!

like a gold tooth

10. In such mansions, I suppose, and a toilet bowl made of gold?


11. It is immediately clear that the driver of this minibus has excellent taste and is aware of all the trends!

good taste

12. And even a lover of “heavy luxury” Philip Kirkorov will envy such an outfit!


13. When life is good, and you can afford just such a car!

cool car

14. Have we already seen such braggarts somewhere? BUT! In our last selection…


15. When you really wanted to show off, but something went wrong!

wanted to show off

16. But this is too much!

this is too much

17. And here is another one who decided to impress others, but it seems that until he can only take his eyes off himself!

delighted with myself

18. We hope that the “golden” paint will not peel off after the first rain?

gold paint

19. So we see how domestic workers fan the owner of this house with a fan!


20. Show-off show-off, but we hope he doesn’t think of going to swim in the sea in this form?

life threatening

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