Summer manicure 2022 - top selection of the best bright nail designs

In the hot season, spectacular outfits are complemented by well-chosen nail art. Summer manicure 2022 is offered in original interpretations that help express individuality. The design is played up with the help of rich shades, extraordinary decor.

Summer manicure 2022 with design

Stylists resort to interesting solutions when creating nail art. Summer manicure with design is offered in design variations:

  1. The trendy fruit theme is embodied by drawing with ordinary varnishes or laid out with voluminous rhinestones. An example of the latter design is the image of bunches of grapes, created using purple stones.
  2. It is permissible to realize the summer multi-colored manicure of 2022 by applying pieces of mica that differ in shades to the plates. Another trend is chaotic stains or strokes covering the fingers.
  3. The original interpretation of the jacket will be the designation of a “smile” with a winding line resembling a spring.
  4. On a light background, small or large inscriptions combined with contour geometric shapes look advantageous.

summer manicure 2022 with designsummer manicure designsimple summer manicure

Summer manicure with ice cream

Nail art acquires originality with the help of original drawings. An example is summer manicure 2022 with ice cream:

  1. A popular solution is to depict a waffle cone with three multi-colored balls on the accent finger. The latter are often made in pastel colors.
  2. Ice cream is allowed to be combined with other drawings: an image of a pineapple, a lollipop, a cactus in a pot.
  3. Laying out the decor with voluminous details is popular. Ice cream is allowed to be highlighted with a golden outline.
  4. Sweet balls decorated with sparkles look interesting.

Summer manicure with ice creamsummer manicure 2022 with ice creambright summer manicure with design

Summer manicure with stickers

The process of applying images can be simplified with the help of certain details. Summer manicure with inscriptions and drawings is embodied by placing stickers on the plates:

  1. Popular image in the style of pop art in the form of a girl’s face, accessories, cosmetics.
  2. The current seasonal pattern in the form of a butterfly is made using stickers and is additionally decorated with sparkles.
  3. Details will simplify the image of complex floral or floral ornaments. The latter are applied to stickers by the smallest drawing of features. Reception gives maximum naturalism.

summer manicure with stickerssummer manicuresummer manicure design

Summer manicure 2022 with sparkles

Bright elements will bring a touch of luxury to the image. Confirmation is a summer manicure with sparkles:

  1. Stretching is one of the current trends. Reception is often implemented in a transparent manner. The rest of the fingers are covered with a plain glossy or matte varnish.
  2. Large sequins that completely cover the plate create a memorable design. The trend remains the accentuation of the nail with silver or golden elements.

summer manicure 2022 with sparklessummer glitter manicuresummer manicure 2022 with design

New summer manicure 2022 with foil

A brilliant ornament is offered in interesting solutions. Summer manicure with foil is presented by ideas:

  1. A simple and popular technique is the application of sweat, embodying a chaotic abstraction.
  2. The geometry created using foil looks interesting. Brilliant figures alternate with elements filled with ordinary varnish and velvety powder.
  3. With the help of a sweatshirt, it is allowed to highlight an abstract hole or a “smile”.
  4. The combination with a small dot pattern, known as the “quail egg”, looks harmonious.

new summer manicure 2022 with foilsummer manicure with foilnew summer manicure 2022 with gold foil

Summer manicure 2022 with a jacket

The classic in the form of French nail art is played up with interesting details. Summer manicure with a jacket is offered in interpretations:

  1. Saturated neon, with which a “smile” is formed, is balanced by a transparent base.
  2. The traditional rounding is played up with several multi-colored stripes. One part of the plate is decorated with the image of a camomile.
  3. The pastel background is diluted by applying beveled lines, embodying an asymmetric «smile».

summer manicure 2022 with Frenchsummer manicure with frenchcolor summer manicure 2022 with a french

Summer manicure with cobwebs

Certain decorative elements have become trendy among fashionistas. This is a summer manicure with stripes embodying a cobweb:

  1. The drawing is created using thin, intersecting lines. Details have a clear or curved image.
  2. Decorating with shiny rhinestones is welcome. Pebbles are selected in the traditional transparent version or in the color of the cobweb.
  3. The pattern, made in the volume version, looks original. The decor is applied in the form of lines protruding above the plate.
  4. The gossamer pattern harmonizes with the quail egg pattern applied to the adjacent finger.

summer manicure with cobwebssummer manicure with stripessummer manicure with gossamer 2022

Summer manicure with leaves

Floral ornament does not lose its relevance in the hot season. Trends include summer manicure with a twig supplemented with leaves:

  1. A tropical print is associated with the marine theme. The nails are decorated with images of large palm leaves.
  2. Out of competition remains an elegant ornament in the form of thin branches and small leaves. Details are drawn in a contour version or filled with delicate pastel colors.
  3. The combination of the image of leaves and a dotted pattern is welcome. The drawing is applied to the background created using the «quail egg» technique.

summer manicure with leavessummer manicure with a twigsummer manicure with a pattern

Summer manicure with a gradient

The combination of shades can make nail art unique. The result is a summer manicure with a color transition:

  1. The selection of shades in a warm tone is welcome. This is a transition from pink to red, orange, yellow.
  2. It is allowed to make a gradient that differs in color on different fingers.
  3. Trendy lilac, lavender, purple tonality is played up with the help of thematic drawings. An example is the combination with the image of large violet petals.
  4. On a yellow-orange background, tropical prints in the form of a palm tree or leaves of this tree organically look.

summer gradient manicuresummer manicure with color transitionsummer manicure with gradient 2022

Summer manicure 2022 with fruits

Bright rich nail art is embodied with the help of certain images. This is a summer fruit manicure:

  1. A common solution is a cutaway drawing of a watermelon. The pulp is drawn naturalistically with the addition of black seeds. Decoration with voluminous transparent drops is popular.
  2. An unusual interpretation is the image of a pomegranate or grapes by applying three-dimensional stones of the corresponding shade. The drawing is accentuated and embodied on one finger.
  3. Creative fashionistas will appreciate the cartoonish avocado pattern.
  4. Simplified nail art is created using stickers containing repeatedly traced peaches.

summer manicure 2022 with fruitssummer fruit manicuregreen summer manicure 2022 with fruits

Summer manicure 2022 with butterflies

Images of bright insects will decorate nail art. This is a summer manicure with butterflies:

  1. A common technique is large wings applied on two fingers and folding into a single pattern. The pattern is filled with bright colors, sparkles, multi-colored rhinestones.
  2. There is a repeatedly repeated image of a butterfly, made using the stamping technique. An alternative method is to use ready-made stickers.
  3. The trendy minimalist summer manicure of 2022 is embodied by contouring an insect or filling the wings with translucent varnishes.
  4. Kamifubuki in the form of shiny butterflies also look interesting. The ornament is combined with the effect of stretching, made with small sparkles or glitter.

summer manicure 2022 with butterfliessummer manicure with butterfliescute summer manicure 2022 with butterflies

Summer manicure with daisies

A small floral ornament will bring romantic notes to the image. This is a summer manicure 2022 with flowers in the form of daisies:

  1. Prints with white petals and a yellow center look harmoniously on a transparent basis.
  2. It is allowed to make daisies in the form of volumetric decorative elements.
  3. The floral ornament combined with the image of a bee, dragonfly, butterfly looks interesting.

summer manicure with daisiessummer manicure 2022 with flowerssummer manicure with white daisies

Summer manicure 2022 with a palm tree

With the onset of the beach season, the nautical theme becomes relevant. One of its manifestations is a summer manicure with palm trees:

  1. A black contour drawing drawn on a gradient background looks organic. Ombre is created in yellow-nude, pink-blue tones.
  2. The drawing of palm trees is often combined with images of seagulls.
  3. It is allowed to apply large leaves drawn in a naturalistic or contour version on individual fingers.
  4. Marine nail art looks harmonious, including the image of a palm tree and coconuts. The latter are drawn in section.

summer manicure 2022 with palm treesummer manicure with palm treessummer manicure 2022 with a palm tree on the sea

Summer manicure with watermelon

Fruit theme does not lose its relevance in the hot season. Summer manicure with watermelons remains trendy:

  1. A common solution is to depict fruits in a section by drawing juicy pink pulp, black seeds, green peel. Volumetric transparent drops will bring freshness to the image.
  2. Small pieces of chopped watermelon look interesting. An alternative solution is to depict the fruit as a whole. A drawing consisting of several parts can be applied using stickers.
  3. Small images of whole fruits can be combined with a large print drawn in section.

summer manicure with watermelonsummer manicure with watermelonssummer pastel manicure with watermelon

Summer manicure with dandelions

Floral ornament is associated with romance. A good solution is to make a summer manicure 2022 with dandelions:

  1. It is allowed to create a juicy design with a rich yellow tint. The drawing harmoniously looks on a snow-white background.
  2. Another popular technique is drawing a falling dandelion. The pattern is made with thin lines, made as naturalistic as possible.
  3. It is allowed to decorate the core of the flower with a transparent rhinestone. It is allowed to supplement the design with voluminous dew drops.
  4. It is allowed to alternate the dandelion with other patterns made on adjacent fingers. A pattern in the form of small daisies is widespread.

summer manicure with dandelionssummer manicure 2022 with dandelionssummer manicure with dandelions in the office

Summer manicure with animal print

Among popular prints, animalism remains in trend. Summer manicure with a simple design is embodied with the help of a leopard pattern:

  1. For the image of spots, natural beige, brown, black colors are often taken. An alternative solution is to make the pattern bright acidic, fill it with silver or golden sparkles.
  2. The print completely covers the plate or is applied in certain parts. There is an abstract zoning of the nail by applying winding lines. Another option is to fill the thin side stripes with leopard print.
  3. If you want to create a complex design, they turn to drawing the animal in full growth or in the form of a muzzle. The drawing is applied on the accent plate. The rest of the fingers are covered with spots associated with leopard colors.

summer animal print manicuresummer manicure with a simple design 2022simple summer manicure

Summer manicure with flamingos

Juicy pink shades are associated with the warm season. Summer manicure with a pattern in the form of a flamingo is a confirmation:

  1. The bird is depicted in full growth or in part. The pattern looks organic on a snow-white background.
  2. It is allowed to combine flamingos with images of palm leaves applied to adjacent fingers. The result is an original summer manicure with different colors.
  3. The drawing is filled with pink varnish, a combination with silver sparkles is allowed.
  4. There is an image of a flamingo on a blue background, associated with the water surface.

summer flamingo manicuresummer manicure with a patternsummer manicure with flamingos 2022

Summer manicure with a rainbow

Saturated tones will make nail art p memorable. Confirmation is a bright summer manicure with a design in the form of a rainbow:

  1. It is allowed to apply a drawing on a transparent or pastel basis. A discreet background balances a catchy pattern.
  2. The combination of the rainbow with the image of snow-white clouds is welcome. Drawings are placed on one plate or alternate on different nails.
  3. With the help of clouds, it is allowed to draw a smile line. The rainbow is used to fill the main background.
  4. The combination of shades differing in tonality is carried out using certain techniques. This is the zoning of the nail by dividing it into separate sections and then filling it with multi-colored varnishes. Another option is to create a complex gradient effect, made by moving from the thumb to the little finger.

summer rainbow manicurebright summer manicure with designsummer manicure with a rainbow 2022

Summer manicure 2022 with a ladybug

Interesting details add spice to nail art. An example is a summer manicure with a ladybug:

  1. A small pattern is used to accentuate the finger and is combined with the image of a camomile, a green leaf. The insect is drawn on top of a floral or floral ornament.
  2. The ladybug, made in a three-dimensional version, looks interesting. To embody the design, a red rhinestone is selected, which is complemented by small black dots. The remaining parts of the insect are drawn with dark varnish.
  3. A combination of a pattern depicting a ladybug and voluminous dew drops flowing down green leaves is welcome.

summer manicure 2022 with a ladybugsummer manicure with ladybugsummer manicure 2022 with design

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