Milk manicure — a selection of fashionable ideas for nails of any length

Milk manicure refers to nude. He is elegant, restrained and gentle. Suitable as a background for any nail art and goes well with any outfit. This is a universal manicure for any time of the year, which is appropriate in the office, at school and even at a wedding. Fashionable milk manicure Nail art in […]

Manicure for short nails — delicate colors and designs for all occasions

If you want to make a stylish and neat manicure for short nails, delicate colors are the best solution for everyday, business and even evening looks. This option will look beautiful and elegant, it easily harmonizes with any style and color scheme of clothing. Manicure for short nails — gentle shades In recent years, the […]

Rhinestones are a trendy way to add sparkle to your look.

Rhinestones are the most common and used decoration of the image. They bring a special radiance, luxury and gloss to the elements of style. The beautiful shine of small rhinestones is found in the design of clothes, accessories, accessories, hairstyles and makeup, and incredible highlights attract admiring glances. Rhinestone inlay Swarovski rhinestones are the most […]

Red jacket on nails — a selection of fashion ideas for all occasions

A red jacket on nails is a great alternative to the classic snow-white French manicure. In this color, he looks especially defiant, luxurious and tasteful. Red is the color of passion, vitality and strong-willed character. It will perfectly fit into the image of stylish, extraordinary and extravagant personalities. Red french on nails 2019 A red […]

Nail shapes for manicure — an overview of popular trends and selection rules

Forms of nails for manicure must be chosen with great care. Their relevance varies depending on fashion trends and current experiments of famous designers. But when choosing, it is important to take into account such individual factors as the shape of the nail plate, the length and width of the fingers. Nail forms for manicure […]

10 «terrible» stories from manicure masters about clients

Working with people is not easy, and sometimes even harmful to the nervous system. Employees of hairdressing and nail salons know this firsthand. Among their clients, there are often such original personalities that meeting with them is a nightmare for the unfortunate craftsmen for a long time. Manicurist is a profession in great demand these […]

The oval shape of nails is a fashionable option for modern girls and women.

For many fashionistas, the oval shape of the nails is extremely relevant, since it is reasonably considered the most feminine and elegant. Using this variation as the basis for designing stylish nail art, you can bring to life a variety of design solutions, both discreet and more daring. Oval nail shape 2019 Many nail service […]

20 desperate women who have seen from their own experience that beauty is a terrible force

Halloween is just around the corner, but some girls did not wait for the eve of All Saints’ Day to scare others with their appearance. The reason for this is the desire to try something new and transform using affordable beauty products. Most women like to experiment with their looks. They do haircuts, dye their […]

Fashion trends autumn-winter 2019-2020 — an overview of the most relevant novelties of the season

Fashion trends for autumn-winter 2019-2020 are diverse, but united in their goals. They are designed to emphasize beauty through trendy clothing. Some subtleties in choosing clothes will help to create a fashionable look so that every woman feels at her best. Fashion trends fall-winter 2019-2020 in clothes The fashion trends of 2020 are presented in […]

Cherry blossom — coat, jacket, dress, trousers, suits, skirts, shoes, bag, manicure

The desire to look stylish and non-trivial is inherent in every modern woman. A beautiful and deep cherry color will help you create a beautiful and elegant look, diversify your wardrobe, while not resorting to drastic changes. Who is cherry blossom for? Deep and rich cherry color was not in demand, enjoyed great respect among […]